Airfare between Delhi-Mumbai not to exceed Rs 10,000 one way

The government today announced to regulate fares for three months till the end of August in an attempt to ensure that passengers are not overcharged for flights.

“We have decided on fares based on flight duration. We have divided fares under seven flight durations,” aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri announced at the press conference today.

Government sources said that the fare structure would be released by the aviation regulator by this evening.

Aviation secretary Pradeep Singh Kharola explained that minimum fare for a Delhi-Mumbai flight ticket will be Rs 3,500 and maximum can go up to Rs 10,000. He added that rules mandate airlines will have to sell 40% of their total seats for a fare, which will be the median of the lowest and highest slabs.

“So for a Delhi-Mumbai flight ticket, median fare is Rs 6,750 and airlines will have to sell a minimum of about 40% of their tickets at fares below the median,” Kharola said.

However, an airline is free to sell any amount of tickets under any slab.

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